Swimming Pool

Internal regulation for the use of the swimming pool

Tenuta Decimo - Società agricola Srl

Depth of the pool: (M. 140)

In this pool there is no lifeguard

Emergency medical number: 118

The company declines all responsibility for non-compliance with the rules

It is forbidden:

  • To dive
  • To use pads, sleeves or other sea-accessories
  • To play ball in the pool and solarium area
  • Eat
  • Use of the pool for children under 14 if not accompanied by an adult manager
  • Take a bath in bad weather conditions
  • Use of soaps in the pool's shower
  • Move deckchairs and sun beds

It is recommended:

  • Not to get wet less than 3 hours from eating a meal

Is required:

  • Use wooden clogs or rubber slippers in barefoot paths
  • Wear the swimming cap before entering the pool
  • Take a shower and foot bath before entering the pool
  • Pool hours: 08:30 - 19:00